Secondary symptoms of MS

Multiple sclerosis can cause primary symptoms, which are deficit attacks lasting more than 24 hours.  MS can also cause secondary symptoms, which are less severe but still debilitating symptoms.  These are not specific for MS but they often occur in all four types.

These are common secondary symptoms of MS:

  1. fatigue– this is very common symptom in MS.  Regular aerobic exercise helps to manage this
  2. transient numbness or tingling– these symptoms of numbness that last less than 24 hours, these are not necessarily new attacks, and are also common to MS, especially RRMS
  3. relapses of old symptoms– old symptoms can re-appear, sometimes when there is an infection
  4. urinary retention or frequency
  5. constipation
  6. joint pain– often due to abnormalities of walking
  7. memory loss– sometimes advanced MS causes deficits in thinking or memory