How much do MS medicines cost?

These are the reported costs of a one year supply of medication.  These are the retail costs, insurance or manufacturer rebates are not considered here.  Many of these medicine providers endorse patient assistance programs to use these medications.  The cost for a patient in the U.S. to use these medications may be substantially less than these figures.  The name of the medication, the manufacturer, and the annual cost in U.S. dollars (2016) is shown.

Aubagio (Genzyme) $168000 U.S.  The generic name is teriflunomide.

Avonex (Biogen) $58000 U.S.  The generic name is interferon beta-1a.

Betaseron (Bayer) 61000.   interferon beta-1b.

Copaxone (Teva) 66000.   glatiramer acetate.

Extavia (Bayer) 52000.  interferon beta-1b.

Gilenya (Novartis) 60000. fingolimod.

Ocrevus (Genentech) 65000.  ocrelizumab.

Tecfidera (Biogen) 62000.   dimethyl fumarate.

Plegridy. (Biogen) 65000.  pegintereron beta-1a.

Rebif (Merck) 62000.  interferon beta-1a.

Tysabri (Biogen) 68000.  natalizumab.