Scabies, bed bugs and crabs

What is the difference between scabies and crabs?

Both conditions cause an itchy, red rash that can be spread from person to person.

Crabs are a louse that can be seen by the naked eye.  They live on body hair, especially in the genital region.  Crabs tend to be spread by sexual contact.  Crabs are not seen often in people who do not have pubic hair.

Scabies are a mite that can only be seen under the microscope.  They are rarely found on the body, they are normally in clothing.  They cause numerous small bites.  The itching and scratching make it difficult to see any of the bites.  The sensation of itching tends to be worse in the evening.

What about bed bugs?  They are a small insect that can be seen by eye.  They tend to live in bedding or bed frames.  They can bite and cause an itchy rash.  Normally their bites appear in a line (breakfast, lunch and dinner!) or a grouping.  Bed bugs are more common in beds that see many guests, such as in hostels or hotels.

Bed bugs do not cause scabies.  Crabs are not bed bugs.  Scabies and crabs are not the same.  They are all different insects that can bite the skin and cause a rash.  The differences between these three are their size, where they live, and to some extent, the symptoms they cause.

Scabies are not equal to Bed Bugs are not equal to Crabs