Broken bone repair


More than 600000 surgeries are done every year to repair bones.  Screws, plates or rods are used to fix the position of the bones so that they can heal.  The cost for this surgery varies from about $5000-30000, depending on the bone and the nature of the injury.

The goal of surgery is to move the broken bone to the right position and then maintain that position to facilitate healing.

Different tools and techniques are used to repair broken bones.  These include:

External fixation- a technique when screws or nails poke through the skin.  It is useful when there is injury to the soft tissues, when the skin and muscles are also unstable.

Rods or nails- for long, straight bones, a rod can be placed in the center of the bone to hold the ends together, or fixed to a splint to hold different positions along a line.

Screws- short or long screws can attach medium and larger bone fragments to each other, sometimes without any splinting

Titanium plate- a plate is used like an internal splint, to hold screws that would otherwise be unstable.   It is normally left inside although at times it can be removed.

Wires- are used for small bones that cannot be held by screws